Twitter 280

Welp. The day has arrived.

Twitter’s 140-character limit has been a universal constant for the last 10 years. The required brevity is what made me an early adopter of Twitter. I liked that Twitter has always embraced writing as a subtractive process.

In September, Twitter announced that it would be doubling the “arbitrary” Tweet length from 140 for 280 characters. Setting aside for the moment that an arbitrary number doubled is just another arbitrary number, the move seems to have polarized users between the 140 purists and the other crowd which may be best identified as the okay, fine, whatevers.

It’s been a day since most people have been upped to 280, and there’s still a fair amount of complaining. I’m super-curious if the length of everyone’s tweets will eventually creep up, or if the #Resist280 movement is here to stay. As for myself, I’ve got this place to be long-winded; I’ll keep the tweets brief and numerous.

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